Abilities in Blasphemous are categorized as combat skills that are obtained in the game. These abilities increase the power of the Mea Culpa and provide access to various combat techniques such as a powerful lunge attack, adding another attack to the Mea Culpa's basic string of attacks, and many more. This page will contain a complete list of the abilities that can be unlocked in the game.


Unlocking Abilities


In Blasphemous, players can discover Mea Culpa Shrines that are scattered throughout the land. Visiting and finding new Mea Culpa Shrines not only increases the power of the sword but also allows The Penitent One access to a higher tier with more combat abilities. Players will need to spend Tears of Atonement at a Mea Culpra Shrine to unlock the desired technique - Tears of Atonement can be acquired by killing and performing executions on enemies.


Using Abilities


Upon discovering and unlocking these abilities, players can find details on how to use the ability by opening the inventory menu and by cycling to the abilities section. You'll find a list of the abilities that have been unlocked along with the input command on how to execute a certain ability.  It is important to take note that some of these abilities require the player to collect Fervor in order to activate the ability - Fervor is categorized as "mana" which is a blue meter that is found below The Penitent One's health bar at the upper left side of the screen. Fervor can be collected by attacking enemies and bosses with the Mea Culpa.


Abilities in Blasphemous

Last Words

The Penitent One performs a fourth combo finish attack.


Ascending Edge

The Penitent One performs an upwards slash as a combo finisher.


Azure Cyclone

The Penitent One performs a spinning attack as a combo finisher.


Sinful Wrath

Concentrates the power of the Mea Culpa on the blade, allowing the Penitent One to release its full potential in a single but incredibly devastating attack.


Holy Wrath

Optimises the way Mea Culpa concentrates its power, using its sharp thorns instead of the blade, and allowing the Penitent One to perform a devastating attack much faster.


Wrath of the Twisted One

Increases the power of Mea Culpa over its capabilities, releasing the excess further away from the blade and damaging everything on its path.


Weight of Sin

It takes advantage of the speed of a fall to perform a powerful plunge attack.


Weight of Justice

Perfects the technique of the plunged attack by concentrating power on Mea Culpa during the fall, which causes an explosion around the point of impact that pushes and damages enemies around.



Achieves mastery in the technique of the plunged attack. During the fall, Mea Culpa concentrates so much sacred power that, from its point of impact, a large column of divine light emerges, damaging everything in its path.


Sacred Thrust

The Penitent One takes advantage of the dodge impulse to thrust Mea Culpa at the enemies furthest away.


Sacred Lunge

It perfects the lunge technique and makes even better use of the dodge impulse, making it reach further.


Sacred Onslaught

It reaches the maximum level of mastery in the art of lunge. Mea Culpa cuts the air in such a way that it manages to produce a wave that also produces damage above and below the blade.


Fervorous Blood

Sacred technique that allows the bearer of Mea Culpa to use the cut of its blade to bless his own blood and turn it into a throwing weapon. It consumes fervor.


Sacred Blood

Perfects the technique of throwing blessed blood, altering the trajectory of the projectile at its furthest point and making it return to its point of origin. It consumes fervor.


Bleeding Miracle

Reaches mastery in the technique of casting blessed blood. After launching, the projectile causes a sacred explosion at the furthest point from its trajectory, causing additional damage. It consumes fervor.


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