Albero is a Location in Blasphemous. Albero is a medieval town located on the outskirts of Cvstodia and serves as a hub of the game. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.



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Full Albero Walkthrough

The Penitent One finds himself in a village named Albero. The order of the Kissers of Wounds is found here where their mission is to tend to those who are sick, wounded, and dying. Not only is it home to the Kissers of Wounds, but also to the reserved Order of the True Shrine whose purpose is to provide a proper burial to those whose remains have been separated.

The Town of Albero


After the cutscene, you'll find yourself in Cvstodia's main city, Albero. Albero serves as the game's main hub.


First thing you'll see is a Prie Dieu altar, activate it and use it to replenish your health and flasks, ahead of the Prie Dieu, you'll also find a blue fountain, for now, it is of no use, but later on, you'll be able to interact with it - continue forward into the sanctuary of the Kissers of Wounds.

Meeting Tirso


Speak to the man who is tending to the wounded, he'll introduce himself as Tirso who is a member of the order. Eventually, he asks for you to bring him ingredients for making ointments - this activates your first side quest.


After speaking to Tirso, climb up the ladder and pick up your first Rosary Bead: a Dove Skull that's on the left.


Now, go all the way down and head inside the room that's on your left.


You'll find your first Mea Culpa Shrine, approach it, and a cutscene will trigger. Afterwards, if you have enough Tears of Atonement, you can use it to unlock an ability.


When you're done, head back outside and walk up to the wall that's on the right- attack it to open up a secret room.


Inside the secret room, you'll find your first collectible: Calcaneum of Persian, the Bandit. The exit that's on your right will take you to the Desecrated Cistern. Ignore that for now, and enter the opening that's in the middle of the secret room.


This room appears to be an area where you place all the collectibles you obtain. Simply hop onto the platform that's on the middle and you'll notice the first collectible you acquired will appear inside one of the caged walls - now, go back up to where Tirso is, and head outside the exit that's on your right.

Meeting Lvdovico


You'll find yourself outside the sanctuary and you'll notice a "church" and a window that you can interact with. Approach the window and you'll be able to speak to another NPC of Albero named Lvdovico, you'll acquire another quest from this man which is to find the remains of Tendua. After speaking to him, head outside the city and you'll find another collectible item, Phalanx of Brannon, the Gravedigger that's on the ground. You won't miss it, continue forward and you'll enter the next location, Wasteland of the Buried Churches.



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