Blood Perpetuated in Sand

Location Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow
Effect Transforms red motes into platforms.

Blood Perpetuated in Sand is a Relic in Blasphemous. Blood Perpetuated in Sand is a passive ability that transforms red motes into platforms. Relics, similar to the Rosary Beads, are also categorized as an augmentation that is slotted into The Penitent One's relic holder. Once it is equipped, these trinkets increase add buffs and effects that aid The Penitent One throughout its journey.



Preserved blood with miraculous properties. With the passage of its bearer, new ledges are revealed, formerly invisible to the beholder's eyes. The Miracle is truly unfathomable, and no one knows the origin of the blood that swirls around the wearer's feet.

"Take this bag and fill it with sand. Now imbue it with the blood spilling from these dreadful wounds, so it will turn crimson red. With it you will show the way through these dry lands to those who are yet to follow. Leave me, now. I want to say my prayers, for I will soon be joining the dry sap of these roots that painfully embrace Our Father..."


Blood Perpetuated in Sand Usage

  • Transforms red motes into platforms that can be used to climb and jump onto.



How to Find Blood Perpetuated in Sand



Blood Perpetuated in Sand Notes & Tips

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