Combat for Blasphemous contains information regarding basic tips and tricks for the combat system of the game. Players can find information on both basic and advanced tips that can help both new and veteran players to better understand the combat mechanic as well as various actions and moves that can be executed.

Combat Mechanics Blasphemous

Throughout the journey of The Penitent One in Cvstodia, Enemies will appear and attack you once you are within range. Each of the enemies in Blasphemous has its own attack patterns and behaviors. It is best to observe their movements so you can execute Dodges or Dashes if needed.

To fight Enemies or Bosses in Blasphemous, The Penitent One simply needs to strike them with Mea Culpa or by casting Prayers. These are the standards to deal damage to all Enemies in Blasphemous. When your health drops low (which is indicated at the top left bar) you can refill your Health by using Bile Flasks. When the Penitent One dies in combat, he is traveled back to the recent Prie Dieu and all the enemies in the area will respawn.

There are "Helper" type of NPCs in the game, and make sure to seek them out and explore rooms to find them. These helpers will offer to assist you when fighting Bosses. Bosses are generally more difficult than average Enemies, and they have a huge Health pool. You can also identify bosses usually by their unique names and gigantic physique.


Attacking and Killing Enemies

When attacking an enemy, The Penitent One's Fervor bar will slowly fill up. Fervor is categorized as mana which is needed to perform the majority of the Prayers and Mea Culpa Abilities. This Fervor bar can be seen at the top right, just below your HP bar.

screenshot1 blasphemous wiki guide

Upon killing an enemy or by choosing to execute it, you'll collect Tears of Atonement which is a currency used to strengthen the Mea Culpa and is also used to unlock Abilities by visiting Mea Culpa Shrines. Each time a new shrine is discovered, a new tier is unlocked that will allow players to purchase stronger combat Abilities.

Resting at Prie Dieu Blasphemous

Prie Dieu are altars in Blasphemous which The Penitent One can use to rest, or save progress. By doing this, it unlocks a checkpoint to which The Penitent One can return, or travel. Prie Dieu also replenishes his health and the Bile Flasks that he is carrying.

prie dieu interface blasphemous wiki guide

Resting at Prie Dieu will cause all Enemies to respawn in that area and the recently visited Prie Dieu is where the Penitent One will respawn upon death. It is strongly recommended to secure a Prie Dieu when you're exploring so that your progress will be saved.


Combat Guide for Blasphemous


Combat Mechanics
Movement and Other Concepts
Mea Culpa Guide
Prayers and Relics


General Combat Tips 

  • Practice Parrying
  • Beware of Bosses
  • Master Movement and Platforming
  • Clear Guilt
  • Use your Environment
  • Increase Max Health

Combat and Navigation for Blasphemous

Parry Light Attacks:

The concept of parrying is heavily dependent on the timing. When you want to counter an enemy attack, you must hit parry at the last second for it to work. There is a very small window for this to count so make sure that you counter at the perfect time, or else, you will take a massive hit from your opponents. When timed correctly, your enemy will be left open and vulnerable to a counter strike which will do increased damage to them.

Beware of Giant Enemies:

Enemies larger than you will often have extremely high damage, this fight can result in your death if proper strategies are not implemented. To survive these fights, make use of sliding and jumping to stay out of the range of their attacks, and this will serve as a great strategy for dodging. Enemies are weaker when attacked from behind, so you can try to slide underneath them and attack from behind.

Master your Movement:

Aside from Parrying, the trailer has shown that the Penitent One can now use a shield. These 2 are your best defensive options but in order to survive, quick reflex and movement are also necessary. In Blasphemous 2, there are instances of hordes of enemies attacking you, and this can be overwhelming. However, if you can dodge their attacks and eliminate them one by one, then this will prove to be very useful.

Clear Guilt:

When the Penitent One gets killed, you will gain guilt. This bar fills up and results having Thorns appearing as a blue bar under your health. Thorns will limit the maximum life that is available to the Penitent One and you can make this go away by praying to a confessor, or a more drastic option is to get to a point where you get killed, and then retrieve your "ghost". These 2 are the options you have to clear or manage your guilt.

Use your Environment & Increase Max Health

When in combat, you will often find yourself in a very tricky situation that will leave you in small spaces, or seemingly impassable obstacles. However, in Blasphemous 2, it is common to find areas where a little puzzle-solving is needed and a level of maneuver. Make sure to do this and take a look at your surroundings that can aid you in surviving. 

Further exploring rooms in  Blasphemous will also reward players with Increased Maximum Health. There are hidden rooms that players can explore and all you have to do is to look for a large statue with multiple swords inside. Once the statue has been located, the Maximum Health of The Penitent One will be increased.

Movement and Other Concepts

  • Dodging
  • Ladder Jump
  • Cancel Grab
  • Blood Penance
  • Air Impulse
  • Fall Stun
  • Dash

The Penitent One Movements in Blasphemous


Dodge by sliding is the most common defensive mechanic, and is a basic movement from the Penitent One. This grants invulnerability for a short period of time. This movement in Blasphemous 1 used to receive upgrades through the use of augments.

Air Impulse:

In a sense, this is like a double jump but higher. An Air Impulse can be done by attacking and jumping simultaneously while hitting either an object or an enemy. This gives The Penitent One a boost upwards and can even be upgraded which will allow you to do it 4 times in a row.

Fall Stun:

This occurs when dropping from a high place. In Blasphemous 1, there is no fall damage. However, The Penitent One can get stunned when he drops from a high place, this can get very dangerous especially if there are enemies waiting at the landing area. The effects of a Fall Stun can be negated or reduced with upgrades.

Ladder Jump & Cancel Grab

To successfully carry out a ladder jump, the timing will be very strict. You will need to press jump right after up, as you do it on the ladder. This makes platforming easier but will take some time to get used to. The Cancel Grab movement can also be performed by The Penitent One and is helpful when traveling downwards and moving horizontally across platforms.

Blood Penance:

In Blasphemous, the Penitent One can perform Blood Penance which will exchange health for fervor by using the ultimate sword. Today, we are expecting a similar mechanic in Blasphemous 2 but there is currently no information out at the moment.


The Penitent One can now perform a dash to avoid enemy attacks. During this animation, the Penitent One becomes invulnerable, or unable to take any damage. A Dash will also allow you to reposition yourself and reset the fight.

Mea Culpa Information

The Mea Culpa is known as the Ultimate Weapon, and is also the only Weapon used by The Penitent One. This sword is crafted from The Miracle itself and carries guilt with it. In the beginning, The Penitent One will be given Thorns to wrap on the hilt of the sword. The Thorns will feed on the sin and guilt of the wielder and will grow together with its bearer. The Thorns can be evolved in different stages by destroying the Statues of Confessors.

mea culpa screenshot3 blasphemous wiki guide

The Mea Culpa can also be upgraded by visiting Mea Culpa Shrines in Blasphemous. Each shrine visited will unlock an upgrade for new abilities in exchange for Tears of Atonement.

Mea Culpa Guide: Hearts, Abilities, and Upgrades

Mea Culpa Hearts and Upgrades

Hearts is a weapon modification that can be added to the Mea Culpa. Each of these Hearts can provide passive abilities that can either give a defensive or offensive boost to The Penitent One's stats. Mea Culpa Hearts are extremely powerful and only One Heart may be slotted on the Mea Culpa each time. The Heart slotted can be modified by visiting a Prie Dieu.

Mea Culpa Shrines

Mea Culpa Shrines is a point of interest and that is used to strengthen the Mea CulpaMea Culpa Shrines not only strengthens the weapon of The Penitent One, but it also unlocks higher tiers containing combat abilities. Players can find information on the location of the said shrine that is waiting to be discovered.

Unlocking Abilities will require Tears of Atonement, which The Penitent One can collect from executing or killing Enemies and Bosses.





Prayers Information Blasphemous

Prayers are magical spells that The Penitent One can cast to deal damage to Enemies and Bosses or receive buffs. In order to use a Prayer, players will need to collect and fill the Fervor Bar by attacking enemies and bosses with the Mea Culpa or by finishing off an enemy with an execution. Prayers can be obtained as loot found at specified areas of a location, given by NPCs, as quest rewards, boss drops, and can also be purchased from Merchants.

All Prayers in Blasphemous


campanillero to the sons of the aurora prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Campanillero to the Sons of the Aurora

Summons a group of cherubs that fly by The Penitent One's side, attacking nearby enemies.

cante jondo of the three sisters prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Cante Jondo of the Three Sisters

Inflicts damage to all enemies

debla of the lights prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Debla of the Lights

Summons a beam of heavenly light to the position of the Penitent One that grants more strength.

lorquiana prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px

Shoots a laser beam across the screen in a straight line.

romance to the crimson mist prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Romance to the Crimson Mist

Releases a toxic cloud that damages enemies that are caught within it.

saeta dolorosa prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Saeta Dolorosa

Slowly regenerates The Penitent One's health for every hit landed on an enemy.

seguiriya to your eyes like stars prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Seguiriya to your Eyes like Stars

Increases the speed of The Penitent One's attacks for a short period of time.

solea of excommunication prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Solea of Excommunication

Attacks of The Penitent One are replaced with a devastating blow that annihilates enemies.

taranto to my sister prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Taranto to My Sister

Calls out three bolts of lightning from The Penitent One.

tiento to your thorned hairs prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Tiento to your Thorned Hairs

Temporarily makes The Penitent One invincible.

veridales of the sacred hamlet prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Verdiales of the Forsaken Hamlet

Shoots out a wave of a song through the floor, walls, and ceilings.

zambra to the resplendent crown prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Zambra to the Resplendent Crown

Increases the number of Tears of Atonement that can be obtained from killing enemies.

zarabanda of the save haven prayer icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Zarabanda of the Safe Haven

Sends out a projectile that damages and destroys some projectiles.

Relics Information Blasphemous

Meanwhile, Relics are categorized as special passive skills. Relics are items that provide passive skills to The Penitent One once equipped. These passive skills focus on providing The Penitent One techniques that can help in journeying in the land of Cvstodia, skills such as gaining the ability to reveal secret areas. Relics can be obtained as loot found at specified areas of a location, given by NPCs, as quest rewards, boss drops, and can also be purchased from Merchants.

All Relics


blood perpetuated in sand relic icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Blood Perpetuated in Sand

Transforms red motes into platforms.

incorrupt hand of the fraternal master relic icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Incorrupt Hand of the Fraternal Master

Signals the location of secrets.

linen of golden thread relic icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Linen of Golden Thread

Allows The Penitent One to descend into bottomless pits, allowing him to survive the fall.

nail uprooted from dirt relic icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Nail Uprooted from Dirt

Allows The Penitent One to walk through mud and water without slowing down.

shroud of dreamt sins relic icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Shroud of Dreamt Sins

Allows The Penitent One to read the memories of corpses.

silvered lung of dolphos relic icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Silvered Lung of Dolphos

Protects The Penitent One from taking poisonous damage, allowing him to travel through areas filled with poisonous mists.

three gnarled tongues relic icon blasphemous wiki guide 80px
Three Gnarled Tongues

Turns roots into footbridges and climbable surfaces.

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