Cord of the True Burying

Location Albero

Cord of the True Burying is a Quest Item in BlasphemousCord of the True Burying is used to be given to CleofasQuest Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by an NPC, or are obtained as a reward from defeating a boss.


Braided rope from which hangs a medallion of worn bronze with the emblem of the Order of the True Burial.

"Whoever you are, I address my exhortation to you, who, renouncing your will, embrace obedience as the first key to humility."

"Only those who are whole will cross over to the other side of The Dream."

These words, pronounced by our first master, would become our illustrious Rule. We brothers, with our holy purpose of recollection and burial, will dedicate ourselves with complete devotion to such cause, it being our first thought at dawn and our last thought at bedtime.


Cord of the True Burying Usage

  • To be given to Cleofas which prompts him to return back to Albero



How to Find Cord of the True Burying



Cord of the True Burying Notes & Tips

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