Desecrated Cistern is a Location in Blasphemous. Desecrated Cistern is a large sewer that has multiple passages in various areas. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.



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Full Desecrated Cistern Walkthrough

You gain access to the Desecrated Cistern after killing Ten Piedad and speaking to the Golden Visage. After speaking to the visage, the entrance to the area is direct to your left.

The Sewers


You'll first find Deogracias at the entrance of the sewers, speak to him and he will tell you more about the visage you encountered earlier, afterward, rest and activate the nearby Prie Dieu altar. When you're done, continue left and through the water. Be careful, since the water slows your movement and there will be Lamento Fundido similar to the ones at The Holy Line that will appear as well as toxic wastes that deal damage upon contact - simply go straight to your left until you reach the next room.

The Lady of Six Sorrows


From here, just go inside the door that's on your left where you'll find the Lady of the Six Sorrows. Approach her and a cutscene will trigger, this celestial being grants The Penitent One an increase of his max. health each time you find her - she will disappear after the cutscene.


Once that's done, head back outside and climb all the way to the top where you'll find a Collectible: Scaphoid of Fierce, the Leper - now go back down the middle part of the room and head towards the door that's on the left.

Through the Sewers


In the next room, you'll have to pass through the water to reach the other end that has a ladder, when you drop down into the water, more Lamento Fundido will appear and you'll encounter a Lazarino on the platform to your right, ignore the Lazarino since it will just respawn and it deals massive damage if you are caught within the radius of its blast.


Also, before reaching the ladder, you'll find the 4th Moonlight Child, it can easily be reached if you jump and perform an upward slash - just be careful of the toxic wastes that are falling and the Lamento Fundido enemies.


When you reach the end, climb up the ladder and jump onto the platforms that's on the right side (ignore the door that's on the left since its full of toxic gas, you won't be able to pass through yet) - go to the right side until you see the main enemy, Pregonoro, that spawns the Lazarino. Kill it then climb up the nearby ladder to reach the next section. For the next section, there are three doors that you can explore. One at the bottom right, one at the mid-left, and another at the top right. You'll want to climb your way to the top part first.


Once you've arrived, more Lamento Fundido will appear when you're in the water. Continue going right and you'll see Lazarino being summoned and Shieldmaiden roaming the path, try to jump over them first so that you can reach the other end.


At this point, you should have already obtained the RelicBlood Perpetuated in Sand so that you can jump onto the red platforms. Jump across and you'll see the Pregonoro guarding a chest, kill it then open the chest to obtain an Empty Bile Vessel - once that's done, go back to the previous room and go into the door that's in the middle part.

Discovering the Fountain of Blood


When you've arrived, you'll notice a toxic gas to your far left and platforms which you can jump on, hop onto the platforms to reach the top where you'll encounter a Shieldmaiden and Lazarino - clear the path and go left until you reach the next section.


The first thing you'll see is a ladder, be careful when you are climbing it since there are toxic wastes that are falling right where the ladder is positioned. Now, you'll want to climb up the ladder, then go left towards where the Shieldmaiden is, kill the enemy, then climb the ladder all the way down where you'll find a door that's on your left.


In this room, you'll find a fountain of blood. With the Empty Bile Vessels, you can interact with the fountain to refill it in exchange for Tears of Atonement - the first charge will be tears-of-atonement-icon-blasphemous-wiki-guide500 and the price increases for the succeeding vessels, not only can you use it to fill up the empty bile vessels, but you can also use it to restore your health in exchange for tears of atonement, next, we'll be opening some shortcuts for some areas as well as getting some items.


Go back outside, then climb up the ladder, stay to the left side then jump onto the platforms until you reach the top, you'll find another Collectible: Humerus of McMittens, the Nurse next to the ladder. Pick it up then climb up the ladder which will take you to the Wasteland of the Buried Churches, make sure to flip the switch to unlock the gate ahead of you.

The Oil of the Pilgrims


Go back down to the middle part of the Desecrated Cistern and go inside the door that's on the left, you'll find a long path where you'll encounter a couple of Lamento Fundido. Clear the path until you reach the other end - now, if you go all the way to the left door, you'll find a switch that's being guarded by a Pregonoro, kill it, then flip the switch to open up a shortcut for the passageway back to Albero and Mountains of the Endless Dusk.


Next, climb down the ladder or jump into the lower part where you'll find x2 Shieldmaiden. Kill it, then continue going down until you reach the 2nd ladder that's on the left.


Hug the wall then strike it with your weapon to reveal a secret room, go inside and you'll find a blue chalice that has the Oil of the Pilgrims, anoint yourself with it and the maximum amount of Fervour will increase. - now, go back outside and go into the door that's on the right side.

Obtain the Black Grieving Veil


You'll find yourself in a room full of toxic gas and a bunch of ladders - in order to get across, climb up the first ladder about mid-way, then jump onto the small platform that's on the right, climb onto the second ladder, then jump onto the next small platform, then jump onto the third ladder.


Once you've reached the third ladder, climb up then flip the switch to open the gate that's on the upper left side, you'll also find another trapped Moonlight Child which you can free and reach.


Next, climb onto the first ladder then go towards the unlocked gate. You'll notice that it's filled with toxic gas, you can avoid this by dashing underneath it until you reach the other side where you'll find a quest item, Black Grieving Veil - go back to Albero after obtaining this item and head to the next location, Where Olive Trees Wither via the Wasteland of the Buried Churches.



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      Do the "Where Olive Trees Wither" section first. Killing the boss here first ruins Gemino's side-quest there.

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        Where do you get the ability to move properly in water? There's a gold chest at one end of the cistern, and I've got no way to reach it.

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