Egg of Deformity

Location Grievance Ascends

Egg of Deformity is a Quest Item in BlasphemousEgg of Deformity is used to obtain its hatched version which is used as an offering to obtain a relic. Quest Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by an NPC, or are obtained as a reward from defeating a boss.


Hirsute egg, born of abomination. Its hairy shell hides unfathomable mysteries from prying eyes. The cruelty of a broken promise shaped Altasgracias, and the Affliction made her sorrows into flesh.

We will enclose our voices inside this egg, our tongues that endlessly twist and grow in order to escape. Knots of a freedom we never had. Our hair will cover this ovum with cold until the heat of embers makes it hatch.


Egg of Deformity Usage



How to Find Egg of Deformity



Egg of Deformity Notes & Tips

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