Enemies in Blasphemous contains a list of all the hostile creatures encountered in the game. Enemies are creatures that have been reanimated from the curse that was created by The Miracle. Each enemy found are uniquely distinct with their own appearance and set of moves.

Enemy Combat Mechanics

As The Penitent One begins its journey, enemies will appear in various areas. These enemies will try to attack The Penitent One once players are within its range. Each enemy has its own attack which ranges from close, mid and long-range weak or strong attacks. The Penitent One can combat these enemies by striking the enemy with its weapon the Mea Culpa or by conjuring offensive Prayers. The Penitent One can parry an enemy's weak attack at the right time making the enemy vulnerable and open for a strong follow-up attack. At some point, if you've landed enough damage, a button will appear at the top of the enemy which prompts that an execution attack can be performed - each execution performed on an enemy has a different animation.


Attacking and Killing Enemies

When The Penitent One starts to attack an enemy, it will slowly cause the Fervor bar to fill up. Fervor is categorized as mana which is needed to perform the majority of the Prayers and some combat Abilities. Upon killing an enemy or by choosing to execute it, you'll collect Tears of Atonement which is a currency that is used to strengthen the Mea Culpa and by unlocking its Abilities by visiting a Mea Culpa Shrine. Just remember, that whenever you rest or use a Prie Dieu, the enemies in that area will respawn.



Enemies in Blasphemous



















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