Esquilon is an enemy in Blasphemous. Esquilon was once a bell ringer at the church of Mother of Mothers, they were corrupted by The Miracle where they transformed into creatures and the bells they once held grew in size and became a part of them. These enemies are creatures that appeared after a curse known as The Miracle fell upon the land of Cvstodia.



Esquilon Location


Esquilon Information

  • An Esquilon uses the front of the broken bell as a shield to protect themselves from any attacks. Their backs are the vulnerable parts, so you'll need to try to get behind them to deal damage. They attack like a bull, where they charge for a brief moment and run towards you with the front of the bell facing towards The Penitent One. It can knock you back and inflicts damage as well.


Esquilon Notes & Tips

  • Esquilons regularly charge into and collide with walls. This will cause the Penitent One to be knocked off any walls they are clinging to if they are in range, possibly into danger.
  • Despite their size, charging Esquilons can be jumped over safely to get to their vunerable sides.


Esquilon Gallery

  • Concept Art, Screenshots go here



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