Fervorous Blood


Adds a projectile attack.



Tears Required


Mea Culpa Tier Level


Fervorous Blood is an ability in Blasphemous. Fervorous Blood unlocks the ability to execute a projectile attack. Abilities are categorized as active combat techniques that allow The Penitent One to learn and execute a combat move that can be executed in battle.



Sacred technique that allows the bearer of Mea Culpa to use the cut of its blade to bless his own blood and turn it into a throwing weapon. It consumes Fervor.


Fervorous Blood Usage

  • Fervorous Blood requires Fervor to be activated.

  • Xbox: Press to use a Ranged Attack.
  • PC:
  • PS4:
  • Switch:



How to Find Fervorous Blood

  • Fervorous Blood is part of the Mea Culpa Tier Lvl 2.

  • You'll need tears-of-atonement-icon-blasphemous-wiki-guide 2000 to unlock this ability

  • Fervorous Blood can only be unlocked by discovering 2 Mea Culpa Shrines.

  • Players will need to use the Mea Culpa Shrine and spend Tears of Atonement to unlock an ability.



Fervorous Blood Notes & Tips

  • You can view the abilities you've acquired by opening the inventory menu and cycling through the "Abilities" section.

  • Other notes, trivia go here.



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