Location Where Olive Trees Wither

Gemino is an NPC in Blasphemous. Gemino is a prisoner of the Convent of Our Lady of Charred Visage who is inside a metal statue.


Gemino Information

Gemino was captured by the convent's worshippers and imprisoned in the snowy hills of Where Olive Trees Wither where he is kept inside a metal statue. He seems to be enchanted with a curse where if The Penitent One defeats up to two bosses without completing his side quest, he will completely be entombed with the tree and die.


Associated Quests

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  • ""Oh, do not fret for me. The cold is merciful, for it relieves our pain and numbs us before it leads us to our deaths. Perhaps the Miracle the others spoke of has come to me, here in this iron tomb, lengthening distress more and more...""


Notes & Tips

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