Key of the High Peaks

Location Wall of the Holy Prohibitions

Key of the High Peaks is a Quest Item in BlasphemousKey of the High Peaks is used to activate an elevator. Quest Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by an NPC, or are obtained as a reward from defeating a boss.


Key for the transportation that leads to the remote convent.

The key must be silver, but not any kind. I want it to be the purest there is. Bring it to me when its beauty is as high as its task is meaningful. The chariot will be sealed and forbidden, and your horses will sleep for as long as I order it. This I command, and my command is the command of His Holiness Himself.


Key of the High Peaks Usage



How to Find Key of the High Peaks



Key of the High Peaks Notes & Tips

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      bruh what kind of elevator are we talking about here? i just got this key and i have no clue where to use it

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