Blasphemous Lore focuses on the story and setting of the game. Blasphemous is heavily inspired by the city of Seville (Spain) which is set in a dark fantasy world where demonic creatures and mythical being coexist. Players take control of The Penitent One, a rogue nomad who is on a journey to uncover the dark mystery wrapped around the land of Cvstodia.

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Blasphemous Lore


...Riddled with frustration at their insufficient devotion,
The High Pontiff heaved his golden throne and turned the entire throne back.

Years passed and all of a sudden it appeared something
was beginning to change in the state of the High Pontiff.

Dried out, dying branches began to emerge from the ends of his fingers and
slowly started growing out from all over his pallid, immobile body.

The High Pontiff was transformed into a great,
withered and barren tree and began to burn for ninety days and ninety nights...


...Once the tree had been entirely consumed by the flames, a huge mountain of ash stood in its place,
topped by the infamously turned throne, unoccupied and unguarded.

The remaining church leadership scrambled upwards to reach the top and assume the throne.

But the mountain began to shift beneath their feet and
before long the mountain of ash had swallowed up each and every soul who had been present in the Cathedral.

From the ashes rose those poor unfortunate souls who had been swallowed up, transformed into horrible,
deformed and bloodthirsty beasts, wildly aggressive and violent in nature, but with their faith intact...



Blasphemous Trailers

 Release Date Trailer - August 2019


Guilt, Repentance, and every mourning pain of the soul of all kind were visibly and tangibly manifested everywhere and in all of us.

Sometimes in the form of blessing and grace, sometimes in the form of punishment and corruption.

Penance never ends, but changes... hurts... and condemns at will.

That divine will, equally pious and cruel which we could not and able to unravel was called... The Miracle.


Reveal Trailer - June 2019


Explore a Forsaken Land...

Execute Tormented Souls.

Unveil the mysteries of Cvstodia.


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      F*cking excellent wiki. So informative. This is such bs compared the the libraries that exist for Soulsborne games on Fextra.

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        So im thinking that "God" has sent the miracle because the people lost touch to religion Through his actions the Penitant basically becomes "Jesus" while being "Pandoras Box" - dying and taking all guilt and sins from huminity. But because that golden knight (Crisanta) taking out Mea Culpa in the post credit scene - this nullifies all the work of the Penitent one and the sins get free again. **Snitching ass ******* Humanity will again pray to false gods - Blasphemous I know this is very simplified... but in summory i think that is basically it. Sorry for the english guys!

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