Location Library of the Negated Words
Effect Shoots a laser beam across the screen in a straight line.

Lorquiana is a prayer in Blasphemous. Lorquiana shoots a laser beam across the screen in a straight line.. Prayers are categorized as spells that allow The Penitent One to learn and execute magical abilities that can be used in and out of battle. Prayers require Fervour (mana).



"We are stones of this earth. We are sprouts of these roots. We are, in procession, united. Those who fervently cry out to you.

Oh, Grievous Miracle. Get us out of these flames."


Lorquiana Usage

  • A prayer that calls forth a barrage of fiery lightning from the very essence of the Miracle, piercing any foe that dares to stand before Mea Culpa.



How to Find Lorquiana



Lorquiana Notes & Tips

  • Players can only equip one Prayer at a time.

  • Other notes, trivia go here.





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