Mea Culpa


Mea Culpa is the primary weapon wielded by The Penitent OneMea Culpa is a sword born from guilt itself, it is used to slash and slaughter enemies by releasing powerful combos and devastating abilities.


Mea Culpa Usage

  • Used to attack and parry light enemy attacks.
  • The Mea Culpa starts off with a string of three consecutive slashes and can be upgraded later on.


Mea Culpa Abilities and Upgrades

  • The Mea Culpa is a unique sword that allows the players to unlock new combat techniques. As the game progresses, The Penitent One will come across Mea Culpa Shrines that strengthens the weapon and allows access to unlocking different abilities. Just remember to collect Tears of Atonement by attacking and killing/executing enemies, this is required to unlock a specified ability.
  • Apart from the abilities, The Penitent One can also obtain augmentations that are categorized as Mea Culpa Hearts. These items are slotted into the Mea Culpa that boosts the said weapon with various buffs and effects.


Mea Culpa Gallery





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    • Anonymous

      This has had to been inspired by the thorn greatsword from Dark Souls 2. The helmet of the Penitent One literally resembles the Looking Glass Knight's helmet.

      • Anonymous

        IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I'M NOT TO BLAME! It is the Gypsy Girl, the witch who set this flame! It's not my fault! If in God's Plan; HE MADE THE DEVIL SO MUCH STRONGER THAN A MAN!

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