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Mea Culpa is the primary weapon wielded by The Penitent One in BlasphemousMea Culpa is a sword born from guilt itself, it is used to slash and slaughter enemies by releasing powerful combos and devastating abilities. The Penitent One goes on a journey to free Cvstodia from the curse of the Miracle that has manifested in its devotees.


Mea Culpa Information and Lore

The creation of the Ultimate Weapon also known as the Mea Culpa started when a woman asked The Miracle for punishment for her sins by hitting her chest with an image of The Twisted One. By her request, The Miracle manifested a sword to spawn from the statuette that impales the woman through her chest turning her into a statue herself. The woman would, later on, be known as the Kneeling Stone.

The hilt of the sword is adorned with an effigy of The Twisted One, thorns that follow along the edges of the blade. When The Penitent One meets Deogracias for the first time, he hands the Penitent One another Thorn to attach to the hilt, with the intention to have the sword feed on the guilt and sins of the wielder. 

The thorn in the hilt grows stronger each time a Confessor Dungeon is completed. Once it has reached the fully evolved and final form, it will be known as the Cvstodia of Sin. There are 8 stages for Thorns:

  • Thorn
  • Budding Sprout
  • Grown Sprout
  • Thorny Brias
  • Bloodstained Brias
  • Crimson Brias
  • Vine Braided in Blood
  • Cvstodia of Sin

By unlocking Cvstodia of Sin, the canonical ending is reached for Blasphemous. There are currently 3 Endings for Blasphemous. Each of the endings is affected by the actions or inactions of The Penitent One. Read our guide to find out more about it.


Mea Culpa Usage

  • Used to attack and parry light enemy attacks.
  • The Mea Culpa starts off with a string of three consecutive slashes and can be upgraded later on.


Mea Culpa Abilities and Upgrades

  • The Mea Culpa is a unique sword that allows the players to unlock new combat techniques. As the game progresses, The Penitent One will come across Mea Culpa Shrines that strengthens the weapon and allows access to unlocking different abilities. Just remember to collect Tears of Atonement by attacking and killing/executing enemies, this is required to unlock a specified ability.
  • Apart from the abilities, The Penitent One can also obtain augmentations that are categorized as Mea Culpa Hearts. These items are slotted into the Mea Culpa that boosts the weapon with various buffs and effects.


Mea Culpa Shrines

The power and Abilities of the Mea Culpa can be increased by visiting Mea Culpa Shrines, which allows access to new abilities, as well as higher tiers for existing abilities in exchange for Tears of Atonement. The Tears of Atonement are collected by The Penitent One by killing Enemies or Bosses, or by completing quests.

At the moment, there are 7 locations for Mea Culpa Shrines:

  • Albero - In the basement of the House of the Wound Kisses
  • Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage - Defeat the Boss to unlock your way to the Shrine.
  • Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow - Enter the location from the side of the Mountains of the Endless Dusk
  • Mother of Mothers - Right before the fight versus Melquiades. Explore the top of the tall room.
  • Library of the Negated Words - After the fight with Exposito, explore The Sleeping Canvases
  • Archcathedral Rooftops - Explore the 3rd floor, towards the right section of the level
  • Chalice of Inverted Verses - On the left of the Elevator Shaft. Players will require Linen of Golden Thread to reach this area.



Mea Culpa Gallery

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