Mea Culpa Hearts in Blasphemous are categorized as weapon modifications. Mea Culpa Hearts are special items that are slotted into the weapon of The Pertinent One, the Mea Culpa. These hearts provide both passive offensive and defensive effects on the weapon which help aid in battle. These can be obtained as loot found at specified areas of a location, given by NPCs, as quest rewards, boss drops, and can also be purchased from Merchants. On this page, players can find a full list of all the modifications for the Mea Culpa that can be found throughout the game.


Mea Culpa Hearts in Blasphemous


Name & Image



Heart of Cerulean Incense

Increases the generation of The Penitent One's Fervour. Where Olive Trees Wither

Heart of Oils

Increases the strength of The Penitent One. Archcathedral Rooftops

Heart of Salpeter Blood

Increases the attack damage when The Penitent One's health is low. Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage

Heart of the Holy Purge

The number of Tears of Atonement is increased but prevents the usage of Bile Flasks Jondo

Heart of the Single Tone

Adds a vibrating effect to the Mea Culpa which causes it to destroy some projectiles but reduces the resistance against elemental attacks. Grievance Ascends

Heart of the Unnamed Minstrel

Reduces the duration of the Stop, but eases the execution of a Righteous Riposte.  Graveyard of the Peaks

Heart of the Virtuous Pain

Boosts the blocking stand, increasing its duration, but exposes the Penitent One longer to enemy attacks. Wasteland of the Buried Churches

Molten Heart of Boiling Blood

Each kill transfers the life force to The Penitent One but reduces the amount of health recovered by Bile Vessels.  Sleeping Canvases

Smoking Heart of Incense

It enhances the power and duration of Prayers, but also increases their cost by one Fervour bar. Mother of Mothers


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    • Anonymous

      31 Jul 2021 17:43  

      So if I used the marble that strengthens damage and the heart that removes bile flasks, will it always give the damage as if I had used all my flasks?

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