Mea Culpa Shrines


The Penitent One discovering and using a Mea Culpa Shrine.

Mea Culpa Shrines is a point of interest and that is used to strengthen the Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa Shrines not only strengthens the weapon of The Penitent One, but it also unlocks higher tiers containing combat abilities. Players can find information on the location of the said shrine that is waiting to be discovered.


Mea Culpa Shrines Usage

  • Unlocks combat abilities.

  • Increases the power of the Mea Culpa.

  • The abilities have certain tiers that contain stronger techniques, whenever The Penitent One discovers a new shrine, a tier is unlocked granting players access to purchase stronger combat abilities.

  • Players will need to collect Tears of Atonement in order to unlock the desired skill - killing and performing an execution on both enemies and bosses yields The Penitent One with the tears.


Mea Culpa Shrines Locations

  • Shrine #1
    • Albero - Below the NPC Tirso and to the left. This is accessible right away, do no leave Albero without visiting this shrine.

  • Shrine #2
    • Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow - Lowest level, directly left of the Prie Dieu at the end of the Mountains of Endless Dusk. Must pass through Jondo to cross the chasm.

  • Shrine #3
    • Covenant of Our Lady of the Charred Visage - Three rooms to the right of the boss battle.

  • Shrine #4
    • Library of Negated Words - At the top of the shaft leading up from The Sleeping Canvases

  • Shrine #5
    • Mother of Mothers - At the top of the Prie Dieu room just before the boss battle.
  • Shrine #6
    • Archcathederal Rooftops - Five rooms to the right of the Prie Dieu shrine by the quick travel station and behind a gate. The switch for this door is in the room below (which is not accessible from the gate room)
  • Shrine #7
    • Desecrated Cistern - In the left room off the middle of the tallest shaft (where you find the Chalice of Inverted Verses). To access this room you must complete the Chalice of Inverted Verses quest.

[TODO: Add pictures of map for each shrine]


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