Merchants in Blasphemous are NPCs who trade items with The Penitent One. Despite the land being thrown into a twisted and corrupted environment, there are those who still linger and provide their services to those who are in need. This page will feature Candelaria, an NPC and the only merchant featured in the game. Presently, she has 3 Locations in Cvstodia, where she sells different items per location.


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  • Rosary Beads - Some Rosary Beads can be purchased from Merchants. See the full list on the main page guide.


What currency do I need to buy from Merchants?

Players need to spend Tears of Atonement in order to purchase items from Candelaria. The Penitent One can collect these by killing Enemies and Bosses. The number of Tears awarded per kill depends on the type of enemy that you are killing. There are also certain buffs that will help the Penitent One gain more Tears than usual.

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Merchant Locations in Blasphemous

Candelaria is the only merchant in Blasphemous, and initially, players will meet Candelaria at Mercy Dreams, and then after that meeting, she will move to the other 2 Locations. Candelaria offers 3 different items in her 3 different Locations. When you purchase all the items from her shops, players will be able to unlock an achievement/trophy called Flea Market.

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How to Unlock Merchants in Blasphemous

To unlock Merchants in Blasphemous, players will need to discover their Locations first. Candelaria has 3 locations scattered all over Cvstodia and some are hidden and would require expert navigation. Candelaria's shops are usually located near a Prie Dieu, which will help players to travel later once they have the number of Tears of Atonement needed for purchase.

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While exploring Cvstodia, the entrance to Candelaria's shop will be marked by the image above. Going through here will take you to one of Candelaria's shops. This will make it easier for players to complete the Flea Market Trophy/Achievement associated with Candelaria.

Tears of Atonement Guide for Blasphemous

The main currency used in Blasphemous is called Tears of Atonement which The Penitent One can collect by killing Enemies and Bosses. The number of Tears awarded per kill depends on the type of creature that you are killing. There are also certain buffs that will help the Penitent One gain more Tears than usual.

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Items that augment Tears of Atonement:

Playing New Game + also grants an additional 20% to the base amount of Tears of Atonement collected while playing in this mode.


Merchants in Blasphemous


mercy dreams candelaria location blasphemous wiki guide

Mercy Dreams

Along the hallway that connects Mercy Dreams and Desecrated Cistern, you will be able to find Candelaria's shop here.

graveyard of the peaks candelaria location blasphemous wiki guide

Graveyard of the Peaks

Candelaria's shop is located in the cave area right before the elevator that's going to Albero.

sleeping canvases candelaria location blasphemous wiki guide

The Sleeping Canvases

You will be able to locate Candelaria's shop right after a room with multiple swinging blades, and after being ambushed by Enemies.

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