Mountains of the Endless Dusk is a Location in Blasphemous. Mountains of the Endless Dusk is one of the mountain regions in Cvstodia, it is the main path players need to take to reach Jondo. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.



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Full Mountains of the Endless Dusk Walkthrough

After acquiring the Holy Wound of Compunction from Our Lady of Charred Visage, The Penitent One makes his way to the Mountains of the Endless Dusk that leads to Jondo. The mountains can be accessed via the Wasteland of the Buried Churches or Albero to reach the Desecrated Cistern -  it is located on the west side of the sewers. 

The Path to Jondo


Once you arrive, the first enemy you'll see is the Winged Face. You can easily kill it with one strike, then drop to the bottom where you'll face a Golden Bull, it only attacks by throwing its javelin and it rolls away from you if you are too close, you can duck to avoid getting hit and then land a couple of hits when you're close and before it rolls away - after you've killed the enemy, drop to the bottom right side where you'll find a Collectible: Metacarpus of Hodges, the Blacksmith, climb back up and continue going left towards the next section.


In the next section, you'll find a Prie Dieu altar, activate it to save as a checkpoint and to replenish your health and healing flasks. There aren't any items here but you'll encounter another enemy which is the Esquilon and Sagittal Martyr, it carries a broken bell in front of it which blocks physical attacks, you'll have to bait it first then once it turns around, attack it at its back, the Sagittal Martyr, on the other hand, throws its weapon at The Penitent One like a boomerang, you can deflect the weapon back by hitting it once with your sword  - continue going left through the enemies until you reach the next section.

Mini-Boss Battle: Perpetva


Here, you'll face a mini-boss named Perpetva. She only has two attacks, summons lightning bolts and quickly charges in for a lunging attack. You can easily identify the position of where the lightning will be since there will be particles that will appear first before the lightning appears which deals damage upon contact. Try to stay in the middle of the arena as much as you can to land a couple of hits since she will continuously fly in the middle. If ever she uses the fast lunging attack, she'll try to fly away from The Penitent One and position herself at the same height, and afterward, she flies towards you for that fast lunging attack. You can avoid this by jumping or ducking, the battle is quite short and she low health, she'll then disappear when you defeat her and you'll obtain the Rosary Bead: Perpetva's Protection - also, you'll notice that there's a tree here, remember it since you'll have to return here to offer "something" later on in the game.


After the battle, continue going left towards the next section where you'll find an NPC named Redento, a barefoot pilgrim from the Order of the Genuflectors, once you speak to him, his quest where you need to help him cross certain areas will start. Since the path ahead of him isn't complete and you'll need to find the mechanism to draw a bridge, climb down the ladder that's next to him first to enter the next location, Jondo.



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