Patio of the Silent Steps is a Location in Blasphemous. Patio of the Silent Steps is the first area that is discovered through the bronze door at The Bridges of the Three Calvaries, it is also the area that connects to the Mother of Mothers. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.


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Full Patio of the Silent Steps Walkthrough

Through the Patio

Upon arriving, you'll see Deogracias at the entrance, speak to him then activate the Prie Dieu behind him to save your game and replenish your health. If you look ahead you'll see a new enemy called a Monfrake, these run away from you and leave behind a trail of root that grows into branches that deal damage upon contact - if ever it is cornered, it will run towards The Penitent One.

From the Prie Dieu, drop to the lower level, just try to be close to the left side since the middle path will break causing you to fall onto the spikes below if you walk too far. By the spikes, you'll find a trapped Moonlight Child, free it then continue going right where you'll encounter another Monfrake and eventually the door to the next section.

For the next section, there will be more spikes between the platforms at the bottom. You'll have to time your jumps correctly so that you can reach each platform, jump too early and it's guaranteed you'll fall into the spikes. As you jump across, you'll be attacked by a familiar enemy which is the Bellido, so be careful when you jump across since your jump can be interrupted if you get hit while she jumps into the air.

Now, go up the ladder to get to the middle part where you'll encounter a Monfrake and another Bellido near the ladder that's on the left. Be careful when you walk near the ladder since the platform will break. Climb up the next ladder to get to the top then walk towards the door to the left, again the ground will collapse about mid-way. Eventually, you'll have no choice and you'll find yourself back at the bottom of the section, retrace your steps and climb back to the top and enter the room that's on the top left, you'll find yourself at the top part of the first section where you'll find a Collectible: Fibula of Rysp, the Ranger - after acquiring the item, go back, stay at the top part and make your way to the right-hand side of the section where you'll encounter more Bellido.

At this point in the game, you should have finished the quest of Altasgracias and have obtained the Relic: Three Gnarled Tongues. Just before entering the room into the 3rd section that's on the right, you'll be able to call out the roots to form a platform that you can climb on. This will allow you to reach the item that's above the door which is a Rosary Bead: Thorned Symbol - after obtaining the item, drop down and go through the door.

For the 3rd section, go right, then climb the ladder to the top. You'll encounter more Bellido and a Monfrake. Once you're at the top, go left, jump onto the paltforms, then drop down onto the middle platform where you'll find Olive Seeds (given to Tirso in Albero). After obtaining the item, with the Three Gnarled Tongues relic equipped, jump to the left and climb onto the roots where you'll find another Collectibles: Triquetral of Luca, the Tailor.

After collecting the item, go right this time from the top part. About midway near the ladder, the ground underneath you will collapse again. If you find yourself back at the bottom, climb back up the ladder and jump across the gap to the right. If you pan your camera to the right, you'll find another trapped Moonlight Child, try to drop onto the platform below you then use your blood projectile attack to free it - after that's done, go inside the door towards the 4th section.

Redento's Pilgrimage

When you arrive in the 4th section, you'll see Redento here. As usual, you'll need to help him get across in order to reach his pilgrim. After speaking to him go right and you'll encounter a new enemy which is the Processioner that is blocking the door ahead. It attacks by shooting out a fireball that bounces off surfaces before it disperses, so be careful of its attack. The enemy can also inflict damage upon contact. After killing the enemy, go back to Redento, speak to him, and he'll give you a Rosary Bead: Big Toe Made of Limestone as a reward - after that's done, proceed to the right towards the next area which is Mother of Mothers.



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