Prayers in Blasphemous are categorized as magical spells. Prayers are magical abilities that provide both offensive and defensive effects such as conjuring magic-based attacks to damage enemies and bosses, while some prayers that are conjured apply buffs and effect to The Penitent One that can help in certain situations, especially in battle.

In order to use a Prayer, players will need to collect and fill the Fervor Bar by attacking enemies and bosses with the Mea Culpa or by finishing off an enemy with an execution. Prayers can be obtained as loot found at specified areas of a location, given by NPCs, as quest rewards, boss drops, and can also be purchased from Merchants. Players can find a full list of all the prayers that can be found throughout the game on this page. 


Prayers in Blasphemous


Campanillero to the Sons of the Aurora

Summons a group of cherubs that fly by The Penitent One's side, attacking nearby enemies.


Cante Jondo of the Three Sisters

Inflicts damage to all enemies


Debla of the Lights

Summons a beam of heavenly light to the position of the Penitent One that grants more strength.



Shoots a laser beam across the screen in a straight line.


Romance to the Crimson Mist

Releases a toxic cloud that damages enemies that are caught within it.


Saeta Dolorosa

Slowly regenerates The Penitent One's health for every hit landed on an enemy.


Seguiriya to your Eyes like Stars

Increases the speed of The Penitent One's attacks for a short period of time.


Solea of Excommunication

Attacks of The Penitent One are replaced with a devastating blow that annihilates enemies.


Taranto to My Sister

Calls out three bolts of lightning from The Penitent One.


Tiento to your Thorned Hairs

Temporarily makes The Penitent One invincible.


Verdiales of the Forsaken Hamlet

Shoots out a wave of a song through the floor, walls, and ceilings.


Zambra to the Resplendent Crown

Increases the number of Tears of Atonement that can be obtained from killing enemies.


Zarabanda of the Safe Haven

Sends out a projectile that damages and destroys some projectiles.


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