Quest Items in Blasphemous are special items that are used to unlock or advance certain quests or the main story, as well as unlocking and discovering certain areas. Quest Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location , given by NPCs, or dropped by a boss.

This page contains a full list of all the Quest Items in Blasphemous which will include its description and usage. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual pages linked below.



Quest Items in Blasphemous


Quest Item



Black Grieving Veil

Dark cloth that has kept its silky feel despite the passing of the years. Desecrated Cistern

Bouquet of Rosemary

Bunch of aromatic herbs, common not long ago along the Forest of the Holy Trail. Jondo

Bouquet of Thyme

Bunch of aromatic herbs, common in the past amidst the cliffs of the Bronze Borders. Albero

Chalice of Inverted Verses

Rusty iron cup, of simple appearance. Desecrated Cistern

Cord of the True Burying

Braided rope from which hangs a medallion of worn bronze with the emblem of the Order of the True Burial. Albero

Deformed Mask of Orestes

Artefact found in the hands of a dead archdeacon in a dreamed world. Mother of Mothers

Dried Clove

Rare and fragrant spice, coming from distant lands. Mountains of the Endless Dusk

Dried Flowers Bathed in Tears

Olive tree petals, vitrified by frost. Covent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage

Egg of Deformity

Hirsute egg, born of abomination. Its hairy shell hides unfathomable mysteries from prying eyes. Grievance Ascends

Embossed Mask of Crescente

Artefact found in the hands of a dead archdeacon in a dusty library. Library of the Negated Words

Empty Bile Vessel

Vessel made of crystal and gold capable of holding the hallowed bile that emanates from the mourning fountains. Multiple Locations

Golden Thimble

Thimble adorned with gold carrying an inscription that reads: "Only cold gold can carry the Redeeming Oil." Where Olive Trees Wither
Our Lady of the Charred Visage

Holy Wound of Attrition

Marking left by the Golden Visage that reveals the cleanliness of Attrition in the soul of The Penitent One. Mercy Dreams

Holy Wound of Compunction

Mark left by the Golden Visage that reveals the cleanliness of Compunction in the soul of The Penitent One. Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage

Holy Wound of Contrition

Mark left by the Golden Visage that reveals the cleanliness of Contrition in the soul of the Penitent One. Grievance Ascends

Incense Garlic

Bulb white as bone, very hard to find. Graveyard of the Peaks

Key of the High Peaks

Key for the transportation that leads to the remote convent. Wall of the Holy Prohibitions

Key of the Inquisitor

Master key forged from steel. The Sleeping Canvases

Key of the Scribe

Iron key, well preserved. Wall of the Holy Prohibitions

Key of the Secular

Small, simple key. Wall of the Holy Prohibitions

Key to the Chamber of the Eldest Brother

A forbidden key that was guarded by the Eldest Brother of the Brotherhood. Mercy Dreams

Knot of Rosary Rope

Rope knot made from the threads of habits of monks deceased in ancient times. Multiple Locations

Linen Cloth

A useless rag that seems to slightly vibrate at times, emitting an unintelligible buzz. Albero

Melted Golden Coins

Three gold pieces melted into a distorted mass that never loses its shine. Grievance Ascends

Mirrored Mask of Dolphos

Artefact found in the hands of a dead archdeacon in tower isolated amidst snow. Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage

Olive Seeds

A handful of seeds, carefully preserved. Patio of the Silent Steps

Remains of Tentudia's Hair

Remain of the thorned hairs of the novice Tentudía that were isolated from the rest so she could not receive a holy burial. Where Olive Trees Wither

Severed Hand

A severed hand that tightly grasps a broken bell, sometimes afflicted by slight spasms. Desecrated Cistern

Sooty Garlic

Dark bulb, covered in black dust. The Sleeping Canvases

Tentudia's Carnal Remains

Remains of the murdered novice Tentudía that were isolated from the rest so she could not receive a holy burial. Wasteland of the Buried Churches

Tentudia's Skeletal Remains

Remains of the novice Tentudía that were isolated from the rest so she could not receive a holy burial. Graveyard of the Peaks


Small gift from Deogracias, nailed into the effigy of the Twisted under the guard of your sword. The Holy Line

Three Marks of Refuge

Sign of protection that freed its bearer from pain Archcathedral Rooftops

Torn Bridal Ribbon

This soft white ribbon, used during marriage ceremonies, has been torn, thus destroying its delicate embroideries. Graveyard of the Peaks


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