Romance to the Crimson Mist

Location Library of the Negated Words
Effect Releases a toxic cloud that damages enemies.

Romance to the Crimson Mist is a prayer in Blasphemous. Romance to the Crimson Mist emits a toxic cloud from The Penitent One that damages enemies that come in contact with. Prayers are categorized as spells that allow The Penitent One to learn and execute magical abilities that can be used in and out of battle. Prayers require Fervour (mana).



Burning blood. That you breathe through my body.

Blood of red wine. Blood of black wine.

Emerge from my skin. Emerge from my bones.


Romance to the Crimson Mist Usage

  • Prayer to the sanguine mists, fruit of true fervour. Vapours of holy blood emerge from the skin of The Penitent One, damaging those who cross them.



How to Find Romance to the Crimson Mist



Romance to the Crimson Mist Notes & Tips

  • Players can only equip one Prayer at a time.

  • Other notes, trivia go here.





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