Saeta Dolorosa

Location Where Olive Trees Wither
Effect Slowly regenerates The Penitent One's health for every hit landed on an enemy.

Saeta Dolorosa is a prayer in Blasphemous. Saeta Dolorosa slowly regenerates The Penitent One's health for every hit landed on an enemy. Prayers are categorized as spells that allow The Penitent One to learn and execute magical abilities that can be used in and out of battle. Prayers require Fervour (mana).



"Let me grieve, let me suffer. For one wound on me is one less on you.

Let me bleed, let me feel. For a cut on me is a caress for you.

Let me cry, let me moan. As all of my tears are only for me."


Saeta Dolorosa Usage

  • The pain of the flesh embodied the definitive penance, total detachment of self in firm pursuit of virtue. This sorrowful and desperate chant overflows with conviction, and those who intone it will be rewarded with vital energy for every hit they land on their enemies.



How to Find Saeta Dolorosa

  • Location: Where Olive Trees Wither
    • Complete Gemino's quest, you'll have to bring the oil to him before he is entombed so that the entrance to Engracia's tomb will open. You'll also need the Dried Flowers Bathed in Tears which is placed by the coffin for it to open up a path where you'll find the Saeta Dolorosa



Saeta Dolorosa Notes & Tips

  • Players can only equip one Prayer at a time.

  • Other notes, trivia go here.





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