Silvered Lung of Dolphos

Location Grievance Ascends
Effect Protects The Penitent One from taking poisonous damage

Silvered Lung of Dolphos is a Relic in Blasphemous. Silvered Lung of Dolphos is a passive ability that protects The Penitent One from taking poisonous damage. Relics, similar to the Rosary Beads, are also categorized as an augmentation that is slotted into The Penitent One's relic holder. Once it is equipped, these trinkets increase add buffs and effects that aid The Penitent One throughout its journey.



Organ preserved in sparkling silver, with plenty of filigrees. Cardinal Dolphos melted his spoons in a pot, looking to escape jealousies with the argentine concoction. Protects the wearer from poisonous Miasma.

Confessions from Dolphos, Part 1

What's the use of gowns? What good is the gold from rings? Only the purity of silver that once was embellished possesses the grace of Miracle. Silver should not be seen, it should not be worn on the outside of the body, but on the inside: let it embellish the flesh, let it adorn the skin.


Silvered Lung of Dolphos Usage

  • Protects The Penitent One from taking poisonous damage, allowing him to travel through areas filled with poisonous mists.



How to Find Silvered Lung of Dolphos

  • Location: Grievance Ascends
    • Located inside a golden coffin which is located at the highest point of the said area where you'll have to get around moving toxic clouds.



Silvered Lung of Dolphos Notes & Tips

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