Tentudia's Skeletal Remains

Location Graveyard of the Peaks

Tentudia's Skeletal Remains is a Quest Item in BlasphemousTentudia's Skeletal Remains is used to be given to LvdovicoQuest Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by an NPC, or are obtained as a reward from defeating a boss.


Remains of the novice Tentudía that were isolated from the rest so she could not receive a holy burial.

"The nuns planned her execution in utmost secrecy, even without a trial or a report to the church, in fear it would reach the ears of the implacable inquisitors of the Miracle.

So, after her condemnation, they did not give her the proper burial worthy of the sisters of the nunnery, but instead buried the remains of her body scattered around the vicinity, because it is known that if one's body is not whole in the burial, the soul will not cross through the Dream."


Tentudia's Skeletal Remains Usage



How to Find Tentudia's Skeletal Remains



Tentudia's Skeletal Remains Notes & Tips

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