The Bridges of the Three Calvaries is a Location in Blasphemous. The Bridges of the Three Calvaries short description. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.


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Full The Bridges of the Three Calvaries Walkthrough

As The Penitent One slays the last guardian created by The Miracle, the path ahead from The Bridges of the Three Calvaries is now unlocked.

The Egg of Deformity

Players continue their journey after the battle against Tres Angustias in Grievance Ascensds. You'll notice that the main door at The Bridges of the Three Calvaries unlocks and prompts you that this will be your next location. To get there you'll have to get through the Wasteland of the Buried Churches. But before doing so, make sure you go to the Mountains of the Endless Dusk where you fought Perpetva to complete a side quest.

When you arrive at the arena where you fought Perpetva, walk towards the burnt tree and place The Egg of Deformity. Now, go out to either side into another section then go back to where the tree is, you'll acquire the hatched egg. Now, travel back to Albero, just outside the refuge building and interact with the blue fountain. Approach the Blessed Lord of Salty Shores and offer him the hatched egg, he will bless this and you'll receive a Relic: Three Gnarled Tounges, this is a relic that is used for platforming, it allows you to climb and walk on roots.

After that's done, head towards the bridge via the wasteland. Now, make sure to stay at the lower level of the first section of the wasteland, you'll find Redento here. If you've already knocked down the trees onto the pit of spikes, speak to him and he'll give you a Little Toe Made of Limestone.

The Bridges of the Three Calvaries

Upon arriving, you'll be welcomed by a Prie Dieu altar, make sure to pray first before proceeding. After using it continue forward and boss battle will begin as you approach the main door.

Boss Battle: Esdras, of the Anointed Legion

Esdras' attacks are lightning-based attacks, so it is important to have the following Rosary Beads equipped such as Perpetua's Protection to increase your protection against lightning, as well as Dove Skull to increase your defense against physical attacks.

Esdras is quite agile with his attacks during phase one. His basic swing attack can be parried which gives you an opening to land a strong attack, his spinning attack, on the other hand, you can jump over him to avoid getting hit, then close in the distance for a combo attack. In spite of landing a successful combo, just be mindful to dash away since he will always slam his hammer to the ground that emits an AoE shockwave that knocks you back and deals immense damage.

In phase 2, two of his attacks change where his spinning attack will now allow him to conjure lightning that follows his path. While his shockwave attack as well as conjures lightning after a brief period of time. For the Spinning Storm attack, simply jump over him to avoid the spinning attack, then dash close to him to avoid the lighting, then follow up with a combo attack. Just be mindful that his Shockwave attack follows up if you land the combo. And for the Shockwave attack, just keep your distance and watch out for the particles to identify its position.

Once you're close to defeating Esdras, his sister, Perpetua will appear and aid him. Simply ignore her and focus on Esdras. If she tries to attack, you can dash underneath her or jump over her to avoid her physical attack - she will only try to charge up and fly towards you.

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "REQUIEM AETERNAM" upon the screen and rewards you with tears-of-atonement-icon-blasphemous-wiki-guide 4300 and the Taranto to My Sister Rosary Bead, as well as unlocking the Trophy/Achievement: The Brother.




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