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The Penitent One is the playable character in Blasphemous. The Penitent One is the main protagonist of the game who embarks on a journey to free the world from a terrible fate. Throughout his journey, he will meet various NPCs that will help him out, discover rooms to understand the history of Cvstodia, and fight Enemies and Bosses that will attempt to stand before him and his goal.

About The Penitent One

The Penitent One is a rogue nomad and the last survivor of the massacre of the "Silent Sorrow". The Penitent One is the main protagonist of the game and the one players will take control of. In the beginning, The Penitent One awakens to the bodies of his now-lifeless brothers. He will look for his sword before setting out on a journey.

The Penitent One wields one weapon, a sword called the Mea Culpa and as you progress through the game, you'll be able to discover various Items and Abilities that can aid The Penitent One in battle and increase the odds of surviving, as well as altars like Prie Dieu that is essential for his progress.

The Penitent One has taken the "Vow of Silence" and will not utter a word even when he is injured or killed. Throughout his quest for salvation, he remains loyal to the Brotherhood that was massacred at the request of the evil religion known as "The Miracle." Confused as to why he is the only one remaining alive, The Penitent One goes on to redeem himself and to find answers to his questions.


The Penitent One Stats, Equipment & Magic

  • The Penitent One wields a singular weapon called the Mea Culpa.
  • As the game progresses, players can discover and equip various trinkets such as Relics, Mea Culpa Hearts, and Rosary Beads that add various buffs to The Penitent One and effects to the Mea Culpa.
  • There are spells categorized as Prayers that are also found as the game progresses. Conjure these spells to execute both defensive and offensive effects that can aid The Penitent One in battle.
  • With the Mea Culpa, The Penitent One can discover Mea Culpa Shrines to unlock a variety of combat abilities. Discover new abilities to learn more combat moves that can be executed in battle.


Mea Culpa Usage

Mea Culpa is the primary weapon wielded by The Penitent OneMea Culpa is a sword born from guilt itself, it is used to slash and slaughter enemies by releasing powerful combos and devastating abilities. The Mea Culpa can be upgraded with Hearts that will unlock new Abilities with each Mea Culpa Shrine found.

  • Used to attack and parry light enemy attacks.
  • The Mea Culpa starts off with a string of three consecutive slashes and can be upgraded later on.

Mea Culpa Abilities and Upgrades

The Mea Culpa is a unique sword that allows the players to unlock new combat techniques. As the game progresses, The Penitent One will come across Mea Culpa Shrines that strengthens the weapon and allows access to unlocking different abilities. Just remember to collect Tears of Atonement by attacking and killing/executing enemies, this is required to unlock a specified ability.

Apart from the abilities, The Penitent One can also obtain augmentations that are categorized as Mea Culpa Hearts. These items are slotted into the Mea Culpa that boosts the said weapon with various buffs and effects.

Relics and Prayers

Prayers are magical spells that The Penitent One can cast to deal damage to Enemies and Bosses or receive buffs. In order to use a Prayer, players will need to collect and fill the Fervor Bar by attacking enemies and bosses with the Mea Culpa or by finishing off an enemy with an execution. Prayers can be obtained as loot found at specified areas of a location, given by NPCs, as quest rewards, boss drops, and can also be purchased from Merchants.

On the other hand, Relics are categorized as special passive skills. Relics are items that provide passive skills to The Penitent One once equipped. These passive skills focus on providing The Penitent One techniques that can help in journeying in the land of Cvstodia, skills such as gaining the ability to reveal secret areas. Relics can be obtained as loot found at specified areas of a location, given by NPCs, as quest rewards, or boss drops, and can also be purchased from Merchants.

Learning Abilities in Blasphemous

Abilities are combat skills that are obtained in the game. These abilities increase the power of the Mea Culpa and provide access to various combat techniques such as a powerful lunge attack, adding another attack to the Mea Culpa's basic string of attacks, and many more.

Using Abilities

Upon discovering and unlocking these abilities, players can find details on how to use the ability by opening the inventory menu and by cycling to the abilities section. You'll find a list of the abilities that have been unlocked along with the input command on how to execute a certain ability.  It is important to take note that some of these abilities require the player to collect Fervor in order to activate the ability - Fervor is categorized as "mana" which is a blue meter that is found below The Penitent One's health bar at the upper left side of the screen. Fervor can be collected by attacking enemies and bosses with the Mea Culpa.

Unlocking Abilities

In Blasphemous, players can discover Mea Culpa Shrines that are scattered throughout the land. Visiting and finding new Mea Culpa Shrines not only increases the power of the sword but also allows The Penitent One access to a higher tier with more combat abilities. Players will need to spend Tears of Atonement at a Mea Culpra Shrine to unlock the desired technique - Tears of Atonement can be acquired by killing and performing executions on enemies.



The Penitent One Gallery

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