The Penitent One


The Penitent One is the playable character in Blasphemous. The Penitent One is the main protagonist of the game who embarks on a journey to free the world from a terrible fate.


About The Penitent One

The Penitent One is a rogue nomad and the last survivor of the massacre of the "Silent Sorrow". The Penitent One is the main protagonist of the game and the one players will take control of.

The Penitent One wields one weapon, a sword called the Mea Culpa and as you progress through the game, you'll be able to discover various items and abilities that can aid The Penitent One in battle and to increase the odds of surviving.

Upon awakening, The Penitent One sets forth on a journey to discover the root of the destruction in order to free the land of Orthodoxia from the twisted nightmare it has been thrown into.


The Penitent One Stats and Equipment

  • The Penitent One wields a singular weapon called the Mea Culpa.
  • As the game progresses, players can discover and equip various trinkets such as Relics, Mea Culpa Hearts, and Rosary Beads that add various buffs to The Penitent One and effects to the Mea Culpa.
  • There are spells categorized as Prayers are also found as the game progresses. Conjure these spells to execute both defensive and offensive effects that can aid The Penitent One in battle.
  • With the Mea Culpa, The Penitent One can discover Mea Culpa Shrines to unlock a variety of combat abilities. Discover new abilities to learn more combat moves that can be executed in battle.


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