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Location Albero

Tirso is an NPC in Blasphemous. Tirso is one of the few members of the brotherhood of the Kissers of Wound who tend to the sick and ailing.


Tirso Information

Tirso is a simple villager who is knowledgeable and gifted with caring for the sick and wounded. He seems to be an elite member of the brotherhood of the Kissers of Wound in Albero. Upon meeting him, he welcomes The Penitent One and to help him look for certain materials that are needed for their ointments and medicines.


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      I'm surprised this Fextralife wiki is so barebones, especially when the Salt & Sanctuary wiki got far more work put into it.

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        Kiss them wounds pretty boy.

        Give this thirsty simp all of the food items you get from each major zone and eventually he gives you a yarn ball so you can equip another rosary bead.

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