Wasteland of the Buried Churches is a Location in Blasphemous. Wasteland of the Buried Churches is an industrial area located on the outskirts of Albero, countless victims who have been mutated from the power of the Miracle roam the area. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.



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Full Wasteland of the Buried Churches Walkthrough

A rural area where churches are seen buried in the background. It seems the destruction of the churches is the outcome that occurred after The Miracle happened.

The Wasteland


Upon exiting Albero, you'll find yourself at the Wasteland of the Buried Churches. You'll encounter Weight of her Burden first.


Continue going right, and use the platforms to get across where you'll encounter The Damned and another Weight of her Burden until you reach the entrance of the building - the path below is a shortcut for you to unlock later on.


Once you're inside, you'll have to work your way up and around to reach the shortcut that was mentioned earlier.


Go up and you'll encounter a Shieldmaiden, climb up the ladder to reach the next level where you'll encounter another Shieldmaiden and a Weight of her Burden.


Jump across the spike pit, then before climbing down the ladder, walk towards the left as indicated on the image above and dash under to find a secret room where you'll find a Collectible: Phalanx of Arthur, the Sailor. Now, go all the way to the bottom of this section where you'll encounter two more Shieldmaiden - kill the enemies then proceed to the exit to the left.


You'll now face an elite enemy which is Guardianfante. Kill it so you can continue forward, pick up a Rosary Bead: Uvula of Proclamation, then hit the trunk of the tree to open up a shortcut. After that's done, head back inside the building from where you came from, climb up the ladder, then take the exit that's on the right side.


You'll find yourself back outside of the wasteland. You'll find x1 Shieldmaiden patrolling the area, kill it, then climb up the platform that's on the upper right side where The Damned is so that you can reach a collectible item: Capitate of Barock, the Herald.


Apart from this, there's also a trapped Children of Moonlight that's on your right side. You can easily free it by hopping onto a high platform and executing an upward attack while you jump - continue going to the right and into the next building.


The next path you'll have to reach is Mercy Dreams which is the exit that's at the very bottom of this building. But before going to the next location, you'll want to get a Mea Culpa Heart first.


First, climb to the top of the building where you'll encounter x2 Shieldmaiden. Continue going up and you'll notice a pit of spikes and three ladders.


Cross the spiked pit by jumping onto the ladders and go through the door where you'll find a woman holding a Mea Culpa Heart which is the Heart of the Virtuous Pain. - go back the way you crossed the spiked pit and go back down. (If you continue going up, the path will take you to another location which is Where Olive Trees Wither.)

Now, if you want to farm for extra Tears of Atonement, you can go through the door that's in the middle of the building and kill the enemies roaming around the wasteland, just don't forget to knock down the tree trunks to open up a shortcut. (this path will lead you to another location which is Bridge of the Three Calvaries)

Regardless, since you already have the Mea Culpa Heart, simply head to the bottom level of the building and exit through the door where you'll find yourself on a broken bridge that will lead you to Mercy Dreams.


Jump across and kill the Shieldmaiden and Weight of her Burden until you reach the entrance of Mercy Dreams - upon entering a mysterious man will appear who seems to be following The Penitent One.



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