Weight of her Burden

Drops tears-of-atonement-icon-blasphemous-wiki-guide 15
Location Wasteland of the Buried Churches

Weight of her Burden is an enemy in Blasphemous. Weight of her Burden is an enemy that is bound to a pillar of an angel which she carries on her back. These enemies are creatures that appeared after a curse known as The Miracle fell upon the land of Cvstodia.



Weight of her Burden Location


Weight of her Burden Information

  • Walks slowly towards The Penitent One and viciously swings and slams the bottom part of the pillar on the ground.


Weight of her Burden Notes & Tips

  • The Penitent One cannot parry and can only be blocked the Weight of her Burden's attack.

  • Players have a chance to execute the Weight of her Burden after landing a few attacks and only if the execution button appears.


Weight of her Burden Gallery

  • Concept Art, Screenshots go here



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