Where Olive Trees Wither is a Location in Blasphemous. Where Olive Trees Wither was once a blooming forest where Olive Trees grew and bloomed, but since The Miracle, it began to be engulfed with the snow, leaving the trees to wither and become frozen. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.



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Full Where Olive Trees Wither Walkthrough

Players can either visit this location early on or after exploring the Desecrated Cistern. Depending on your progress, it will determine Gemino's fate.

The Frozen Forest


To get to this location, you'll have to pass through the Wasteland of the Buried Churches. You'll first find the Prie Dieu altar here.


From the altar, drop down to the bottom and you'll find a Collectible: Radius of Hezler, the Poet - after acquiring the item, climb up by using the wood that's on the wall, you can cling onto it by using your sword.


Ahead of this, you'll find Gemino. There are three potential outcomes for Gemino. If you ignore him completely after two bosses are defeated, he will become fully entombed and you'll find the Golden Thimble on the ground, if you went on ahead and spoke to him first, he will give you the quest item.


Continue going left and you'll encounter a Flagellant and The Damned, continue going left and go inside the cave where you'll find an Incense Garlic which can be given to Tirso- head back outside then climb to the very top until you reach the next section.


In the next section, you'll encounter a new enemy, which is the Skeleton Digger. It will burrow into the ground and jump out when it's underneath The Penitent One. Continue going left until you come across a wooden bridge and another new enemy Bellido - clear the path then jump down the very bottom and head to the next section.


For this section, another enemy will appear which is the Condemned alongside the Skeleton Digger. Be careful when you are facing them since the Condemned can charge up for a fast thrusting attack while the Skeleton Digger will constantly try to position itself underneath The Penitent One. Clear the path and keep going left until you reach the end where you'll find the Remains of Tentudia's Hair which can be given to Lvdovico.


After that's done, head back to the previous room, climb to the top and head to the next section, Graveyard of the Peaks.



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