DLC for Blasphemous covers additional content of the game that is not available with the regular edition of the game. DLCs may contain launch day bonuses, pre-order bonuses, free additional content, paid packs, and/or game expansions.


Blasphemous DLC


The Stir of Dawn

  • The first major DLC expansion for the game
  • New bosses
  • New NPCs

New Game Plus

"New Game+ comes to Blasphemous in The Stir of Dawn, giving the penitent amongst us the opportunity to play through the whole game again with a greater challenge! Enemies will:

  • Deal more damage to you.
  • Be able to take more damage from you.
  • Feature better anticipation and recovery times (Also in NG).
  • Improved behavior to create smoother combat and less ‘unfairness’ (Also in NG)."

Strife & Ruin

Sacred sorrows mode

  • Fight against all the Blasphemous bosses in this new “Boss Rush” mode.
    5 different unlockable courses, each with 2 difficulty levels.
    Try to beat your best time and achieve the highest rank.
  • In order to unlock and play Sacred Sorrows Mode you must have completed Blasphemous at least once.

Miriam's challenges

  • A totally new quest in which Miriam, star of Bloodstained - Ritual of the Night, makes an appearance.
    To be able to return to her world, you must retrieve the crystal shards located at the end of the 5 hidden challenges.
    Her questline can be started in both new and existing save files. She can be found in the Mother of Mothers in a room behind a breakable wall.

Other additions

  • New Prayer and Rosary bead
  • Various art and gameplay tweaks
  • A new hidden retro area

Wounds of Eventide

  • The final DLC for Blasphemous
  • Free DLC Releases December 9th 2021

blasphemous 2 art cover

Wounds of Eventide unveils the final chapter in The Penitent One’s first story and offers new levels, bosses, and items, and unearths secrets that will unlock another fate for Cvstodia – leading into the events of the Blasphemous 2 (launching in August 24, 2023)


 Additional Content for Blasphemous


Blasphemous: Digital Art Book

Release Date: September 10, 2019

Dive deep into the making of Blasphemous with the Digital Artbook. This book will feature concept art showing the evolution of the different characters within the world of Cvstodia, starting from the first design, all the way to the final product. Alongside all the wonderful designs this art book will include commentary and in depth descriptions of the process from the developers and designers.

The Blasphemous Artbook contains pages filled with concept art of all the different characters, artist's comments, key art, Fan-art, story boards, and so much more!

Blasphemous: Digital Comic

Release Date: September 10, 2019

Take a journey back with us, to before the beginning of Blasphemous. Unravel the secrets and lore from within the game, answer the questions that have been building up with this story.

Contains blood, gore, and violent images


Blasphemous: Alloy of Sin Character Skin

Release Date: September 10, 2019

With this DLC you will be able to change the skin of The Penitent One into a bronze knight as he slashes any enemy that stands in his way on his journey to free the people of Cvstodia from it's disastrous fate.

Blasphemous: OST

Release Date: September 10, 2019

Be transported to the land of Cvstodia and all its different terrains with the Blasphemous original soundtrack composed by Carlos Viola. This album features 32 original tracks featured in the title game: Blasphemous.

  • ARTIST: Carlos Viola
  • COMPOSER: Carlos Viola


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