Perpetva's Protection

Location Mountains of the Endless Dusk
Effect Offers protection against lighting attacks.

Perpetva's Protection is a Rosary Bead in Blasphemous. Perpetva's Protection is a passive ability that offers protection against lighting attacks. Rosary Beads are categorized as an augmentation that is tied to one another. Once it is equipped, these trinkets increase the stats of The Penitent One as well as some various buffs and effects.



"Esdras, you say?" spoke the soldier, "That madman could not bear the death of his sister. He's still talking to her as if she were there beside him. Sometimes it even seems as if they were arguing. He's long gone and hasn't been seen since."


Perpetva's Protection Usage

  • Ribbon of crimson cloth, carefully rolled and still scented with ancient oils. Members of the Anointed Legion wrapped their bodies in these soft ribbons anointed with protective oils, which contrasted with their otherwise heavy armour. The determination of its former wearer offers protection against lighting attacks.



How to Find Perpetva's Protection



Perpetva's Protection Notes & Tips

  • To increase and maximize the number of beads The Penitent One can hold, players will need to find Knots. Knots unlocks an additional slot for a rosary bead to be slotted into.





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