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Location Wall of Holy Prohibitions

Lunatic is an enemy in Blasphemous. Lunatic is a prisoner who was tortured by inquisitors. Their ankles and wrists are bound by gold chains, and they also wear a tattered green cloth around its waist and their eyes are blindfolded. These enemies are creatures that appeared after a curse known as The Miracle fell upon the land of Cvstodia.



Lunatic Location


Lunatic Information

  • The Lunatic can be found wandering the cells. Once you are seen, they will start to snarl and charge in, destroying objects blocking their path. They can knock you back and also inflict contact damage. They are dangerous when they are grouped with other enemies, so the best way is to use any ranged abilities if they are grouped or if they are alone, time your jumps when they charge in and attack them from behind.


Lunatic Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia


Lunatic Gallery

  • Concept Art, Screenshots go here



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