Bouquet of Rosemary

Location Jondo

Bouquet of Rosemary is a Quest Item in BlasphemousBouquet of Rosemary is used as a healing item that is given to TirsoQuest Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by an NPC, or are obtained as a reward from defeating a boss.


Bunch of aromatic herbs, common not long ago along the Forest of the Holy Trail. Today, however, their scarcity makes them increasingly valuable, especially for those who discern their healing abilities.

Confessions of Tirso. Part 5

"Congregation members, witnesses to the phenomenon, watched in astonishment and fear, except for one of our sisters, who knelt beside me, and, without fear of contagion, kissed one of the terrible sores that the affection had caused on the young man, and the wound began to close. The brothers fell to their knees, amidst tears and prayers."


Bouquet of Rosemary Usage

  • Give this item to Tirso in Albero in exchange for an item or Tears.



How to Find Bouquet of Rosemary

  • Location: Jondo
    • Go through a bunch of low hanging bells where you'll find this item at the end.



Bouquet of Rosemary Notes & Tips

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