Graveyard of the Peaks is a Location in Blasphemous. Graveyard of the Peaks is a mountain path that leads to the convent of the nuns of the Our Lady of the Charred Visage. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.



Full Graveyard of the Peaks Walkthrough

The Graveyard of the Peaks is part of the Where Olive Trees Wither where it also engulfed by wind and snow, faces of weeping women can be found in the background which symbolizes the nuns who reside in the convent.

Candelaria's Shop


Start off by dashing under the wall to the left and go through the exit that's also on your left. At this point, you should have the Relic: Blood Perpetuated In Sand. Equip it and the red motes will transform into platforms for you to climb so that you can reach the Moonlight Child.


Now, from the platform where the child was, drop down the edge and you'll break the floor, revealing a secret path, you'll find a Collectible: Anklebone of Weston, the Pilgrim. Continue going left and you'll see a crack in the wall, go inside and you'll find Candelaria's second shop location. She'll be selling the following (if you're done buying the items she sells, go back outside and continue going left into the next section.):

  1. Torn Bridal Ribbon - tears-of-atonement-icon-blasphemous-wiki-guide800
  2. Calcified Eye of Erudition - tears-of-atonement-icon-blasphemous-wiki-guide1200
  3. Ember of the Holy Cremation - tears-of-atonement-icon-blasphemous-wiki-guide5000


In the next section, you'll find a lift. Before riding it back down to Albero, jump to the top of the lift, you'll find a Knot of Rosary Rope, then go back to the lift and go inside the door that's on the left, you'll find an Immaculate Bead next to the Confessor Statue, go back outside then ride the elevator down, this will take you near the Moonlight Child which you can't reach in Albero - after you've set it free, ride the lift back up and go back to the starting point of the Graveyard of the Peaks.

The Frozen Graveyard


Now, you may want to notice the direction of where the wind is blowing since it will help you reach gaps that are too far. Climb to the top of the first section and you'll encounter a Restless Tomb, just be careful of the wooden platforms since it temporarily breaks, then reappears - next you'll encounter a Wakeful Alcove, kill it, then continue going up until you exit to the next section.


Here, you'll encounter 2 of this familiar enemy, the Condemned alongside a Wakeful Alcove. It's better if you fight it at the far left platform instead of the wooden ones to avoid falling - continue going up then enter the section that's on your right.


Now, for this section, you'll need to use the wind in order for you to jump further so that you can reach two items here. But before doing that, make sure to kill the x2 Condemned first to avoid getting interrupted while platforming, you'll find a Collectible: Occipital of Tequila, the Metalsmith on the top right, while another Empty Bile Vessel below it - when you have the items, climb to the top and enter the left section near the red platform.


In the next section, you'll encounter the following enemies: Restless Tomb, Condemned, and Wakeful Alcove. Kill the Restless Tomb first then continue going left into the next section where you'll find a Muted Bell. In this part of the area, you'll encounter a Condemend, another Wakeful Alcove, and a Restless Tomb below.


After picking up the Muted Bell, use the wind to reach the broken ladder, climb up, then go inside the room on the left, you'll find another Blood Fountain which you can use to fill up the Empty Bile Vessel - when you're done, head back outside, kill the Wakeful Alcove and climb up, you'll encounter another Wakeful Alcove and x2 Restless Tomb, you'll also find another Collectible: Parietal bone of Lasser, the Inquisitor - now go right, drop down and back to the previous section.


After that's done, climb the broken ladder and the wooden walls and you'll find another Condemned and Wakeful Alcove. After killing them, continue climbing to the top and walk towards the wall to your right where the petrified frozen body is, strike it with your weapon to reveal a secret room that has the Oil of the Pilgrims, anoint yourself to increase the maximum Fervour - when that's done, head back outside and continue going up.


Once you reach the top, before going to the next section that's on your left, use the wind to aid you to reach the far right-hand side where you can obtain a Piece of a Tombstone.


Acquire the item, head back down, then climb back to the top and head to the next section, from here, just go along the path which will take you to the next section, the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage - before gaining control of The Penitent One, the mysterious warrior who's following The Penitent One will appear again.



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