Grievance Ascends is a Location in Blasphemous. Grievance Ascends is a sanctuary of the Tres Angustias located below Jondo, it is a dark and grey area where toxic gas is found in some sections. Please see Walkthrough for other areas.



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Full Grievance Ascends Walkthrough

The Penitent One discovers an area where anguished voices can be heard. The Penitent One then sets forth to hunt down the last guardian who holds the seal that opens the door of the bridges.

Find the Relic


When you arrive, you'll be greeted with a Prie Dieu first, head to the bottom where you'll encounter x2 Percheron and a Wakeful Alcove, kill the enemies and continue going down until you reach a door that will take you to the next section.


When you arrive, you'll find yourself on a small bridge. When you walk up onto the middle, the gates in front and behind you will close and a Condemned will appear, kill the rest and the gates will open - continue to go right towards the next section.


In the next room, you'll want to head towards the door that's in the middle part of the room. At the top, you'll find a Confessor Statue, if you need to use it, you can climb to the top while avoiding the moving toxic cloud. If you don't need to use it, head to the bottom part where you'll encounter a Percheron and then go through the door. Ignore the very bottom part of the room first since it is filled with toxic gas.


Next, you'll find yourself on a small bridge once again, and the gates will close once you walk to the middle. Now, you'll face a new enemy, the Tizona. You can parry its attack, and once you hit it, it will disappear and reappear either in front of you or behind you - once you've killed the enemies, the gates will open.


For the next room, you'll want to head to the top part where you'll encounter more enemies, follow the path until you reach the room as indicated in the image above.


You'll be in a room full of toxic gas, the ones that are above you are moving, so you'll have to work your way to the top by avoiding it at the right time while using the unstable platforms to reach it.


Once you're at the top, you'll find the Silvered Lung of Dolphos relic which grants you full protection against toxic gas, equip it once you obtain it. Before heading down, make sure to free the Moonlight child that's on your left, then drop all the way to the bottom where you'll find a Collectible: Frontal of Martinus, the Ropemaker.

Obtain an Offering


Next, go back to the first section where there's toxic gas at the very bottom of the room. With the relic you just got, you'll be able to walk through the toxic gas now, just be careful since you'll encounter enemies as well - you'll find a Knot of Rosary Rope here.


Now, you can continue your exploration. Head back to the east section, the room before the section where you got the Silvered Lung of Dolphos. Climb down the broken ladder and you'll encounter x2 Percheron.


The next section you want to head to is the door that's on the middle part, but before going to the next section, head all the way to the bottom where you'll see a door that's both on the left and right side. You'll find a blood fountain on the left, while a chalice filled with the Oil of the Pilgrims on your right - just make sure you have the Blood Perpetuated in Sand relic first so that you can use the red platforms to jump across, when you're through, go back up and enter the next section to your right.


For the next room, it's the last section of the area. You'll immediately see x3 Percheron that's on the small platforms ahead of you. It'll start to jump towards you when you're within its range. Now, first, you'll want to head to the top part and into the upper section of the area.


At this point, make sure you have the Blood Perpetuated in Sand relic equipped. Simply head all the way to end where you'll encounter a Percheron and Tizona. You'll find the Melted Golden Coins at the end - when you have the quest item, go back to the previous room and go all the way to the bottom.

Side Quest: Awaken Altasgracias


You'll now find yourself inside a cave that has a trail of purple petals of flowers. In the end, you'll see three golden plates on the ground and a giant egg covered in hair. At this point, you should have obtained the offerings needed to awaken the sleeping creature. You'll need to place the following on the plates: Melted Golden Coins, Torn Bridal Ribbon, and Black Grieving Veil. Once you place the last offering, the egg will open to reveal a being named Altasgracias - you'll obtain another quest item from her which is the Egg of Deformity which you'll need to place on the tree where you fought Perpetva at the Mountains of the Endless Dusk, after obtaining the item, head back to the previous room and go through the door that's on the right that will take you to the next boss.


Before heading to the boss, you'll find a Prie Dieu first and Viridiana at the end. Make sure to ask for her guidance for the third time.

Boss Battle: Tren Angustias

When you're at the boss room, jump onto the middle platform and the boss: Tres Angustias will appear and the battle will begin.


For this battle, parrying and blocking will be very helpful against these three. And also, be aware of your surroundings because not only are you pressured to watch for their random attacks but also the floor beneath you that is engulfed in flames will constantly rise up forcing you to use the walls and platforms to keep climbing.

Two of the sisters wield a spear which they use to conjure a lightning beam while the other uses a bludgeon like a boomerang. The lightning beams can easily be blocked and evaded, or better yet parried at the right time. While the bludgeon can also be blocked, but it is recommended to keep your distance to avoid getting hit while it circulates around your position. Having the Rosary BeadPerpetua's Protection which is rewarded from defeating Perpetua gives The Penitent One additional defense against lighting based attacks.

Just remember, simply watch out for their attacks, strike back when there is an opening and be mindful of the pit of fire below you to avoid getting killed by it. If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "REQUIEM AETERNAM" upon the screen and rewards you with tears-of-atonement-icon-blasphemous-wiki-guide 43 as well as unlocking the Trophy/Achievement: Dance of Death.


After the battle, Viridiana will appear before you. Before you proceed forward to the room of the visage, speak to her and she'll give you a Prayer: Zarabanda of the Save Haven - when that's done, continue towards the visage where you'll obtain the Holy Wound of Contrition - a short cutscene will then follow which prompts that the main door at The Bridges of the Three Cavalries will open which will be your next destination.


After the cutscene, continue going forward and you'll find Deogracias in the next room, speak to him then continue going right where you'll find yourself at the most bottom section of the Desecrated Cistern. Flip the switch to call the lift down, then go inside the room to your right first where you'll find the Lady of the Six Sorrows - speak to her to increase The Penitent One's health, then go back and ride the lift up to the upper portion of the Desecrated Cistern and head to the Wasteland of Buried Churches to reach the Bridges of the Three Cavalries.



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